Alter-Ego: None/Unknown

Eyes: Green

Hair: White

Affiliation: Reza's Special Forces

Rank: Assistant Head Medic

Skills: Charity, mending magic.

Arms: Two.

Description: Ki'ven Reza is the younger brother of General Seiven Reza. Ki'ven is a softhearted young man who began to study mending at a young age. He joined the Special Forces out of love for his brother—in order to satisfy a personal vow to serve him. He believes this will atone for his failure to completely heal Seiven once when he returned home seriously wounded. Ki’ven was in time to save his brother’s sight, but Seiven retains a permanent scar. It is generally held that Ki’ven’s unrestrained flood of mending magic was responsible for awakening Seiven’s own magical ability.

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