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Studio Illustar, Brittany's gallery
(Here's my real gallery!)



Here are some of the webcomics I enjoy and visit frequently. Check them out!

RPG World Saturnalia TimeScapes

Lovarian Adventures

Alien Dice



Other links I enjoy (art and otherwise):

The Unofficial Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Fan Media site!

Aimo's KotOR parody (and other) art!

An interactive Stargate SG-1 website I enjoy. - My favorite source for Stargate information.

Art of Bryan Beus, a classmate of mine.

Art of David Habben, another classmate of mine.

One of my favorite fantasy illustrators.

Keith Parkinson - one of my favorite fantasy illustrators, who recently passed away.

Michael Whelan - another of my favorite fantasy illustrators.

Tarnished Images - Ruth Thompson, a fantasy artist whose work travels with the Renaissance Festival.

Amy Brown - fairy artist; you may have seen some of her work at Hot Topic.

Justin Kunz - an illustration graduate from my school; check out his Prydain stuff!