We begin this story in the midst of treachery: the Magistrate, acting on false information, has sent General Seiven Reza and his special Elven forces to take care of another threat in the wild north of the country. Finding nothing there, Reza receives word about a meeting with the Magistrate - but the message is intercepted, the messenger captured, and the Magistrate detained, and instead Reza finds himself in a duel with his arch rival, the Shadowborn Zubic.

Meanwhile, two college boys who struggle with troublesome dreams discuss the possibility of dangerous consequences resulting from said nocturnal pursuits, and a girl has a strange experience while napping between classes and discovers a heavy responsibility she's not sure she can handle.


If I ever get any questions, I'll post them here, so you all can learn from each other. For now, I'll put hypothetical questions (and some hypothetical answers).

Why don't you update more often?
Several reasons. First, I go to school full-time and work 20 hours a week, and I have to fit the comic into small windows of free time. Second, I'm very bad at thinking ahead, so I haven't scripted out the entire comic like some do. I know essentially where the story is going, but some of the finer details take time to plan out. Third, each page simply takes a long time to produce. However long it takes me to draw (I can take my sketchbook anywhere), it's another 5-8 hours or so to color.

Do you get paid for this?
Nope. Although there is a nifty Paypal button on the main page, if anybody feels like being generous.

So.. does that mean you have a job?
Yep (see above). Currently I work at the campus library as a digital lab technician.

And you go to school?
Yes. I graduate in April with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, which I ultimately hope to use to illustrate jackets for fantasy books. And I've got a minor in Japanese.

I have a webcomic.. will you link me?
Quite possibly! But keep in mind that my little brothers read my comic, and I won't endorse anything that's above a PG-13 rating or is explicit, dirty, overly violent, etc. Email me with your request and a link. And it's nice if you have banners, too.

Will you draw (insert request) for me?
Maybe! Email me about it and see if I have the time.



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